The Old Road - Southern Byway

Well it's been a long time coming but it is finally coming to fruition - a roundy-roundy shed layout based on the old Hampshire byways.

Recently TWMBO gave permission for a new shed to be constructed to house my railway needs - thus they settle on a 10ft x 8ft space where a current shed stands at the bottom of the garden. Typically I immediately saw railway potential for a branch line. And the location just had to be my local line (now long gone) with the nearest station around a mile away and beautifully preserved to this day. Now the scene is set I need a plan. The photo below shows the current plan I've been thinking about:

Vital stats:

Size: 10ft x 8ft
Gauge: OO gauge
Configuration: roundy roundy, perhaps with outside loop
Location: Southern Railway, Hampshire, 'the other S&DJR', The New Forest.