Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Building my own studio!


A rarity for me; this will be a very short post today!

When you click on my blog, you might just see a new "page" at the top; yes, finally I am well on my way to having my own space to work on music production and modelmaking commissions.

Whilst I am trying to work on a modelmaking commission this month, at the same time I am making good progress (mainly thanks to my Dad) on my studio space. I aim to update this as often as possible; could be daily, could be every other day, or it may just be whenever we have progress to show on the build.

I decided not post it as a daily update via the normal blog posts here, but have instead dedicated a single page to it. The first 6 days of the build are now up for you all to see:

Building my own studio space 

Hopefully you'll find it slightly interesting, for me it's fair to say that I'm super excited to have a dedicated space to work in.

Any questions or comments, do go ahead and post them, as always!

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