Coastguard Creek - Further Inspiration & New Forest Coastal Industries

Before we get straight into things, I mentioned at the end of the last entry that I'll be discussing an alternate history of the area in the next (this) post. That will now be postponed, and form a later, separate entry - this one has already got a lot of content and sketches for you to digest! Inspirational locations further afield For one of the blog entries for Coastguard Creek , I shared a sketch montage of many inspiring (New Forest) locations. As promised at the time, I'm back with more; but this time  from locations elsewhere (albeit within 20 miles). Some sketches aren't quite as detailed as others due to being done at different times, but I still think it helps to give a broad sense of what I'm looking to reproduce, in some capacity: As we did with the last montage, let's look at them in more detail, in turn... Above : Mudeford Sandbank is a spit forming a narrow entrance that leads into Christchurch harbour, and is on the south side of the channel. Unsurpr

Coastguard Creek - Always design for the space available!