LET'S TALK: Resolutions & Accomplishments

The Dreaded "R" Word!  I remember reading an opinion piece a few years back that said New Years Resolutions were "a load of rubbish". I can agree to that train of thought, to a degree, but , I do think there is some merit to the idea, it's just often flawed by things getting in the way of progress. Whether that be circumstances out of your control, or you don't exactly have the "get-up-and-go" or willpower to get it done, the end result is the same; a feeling of failure. Is it worth setting these "Resolutions" every year in the first place, and if not, what can we do instead? Anyone that has seen any of my articles or layout builds knows that I love to plan everything to the nth degree before starting construction; so you'd probably expect that I have at least a month or so planned out in advance, as well as having some Resolutions written up at the start of the year. Nope! The truth is, I have a few things that work against me; I'

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