Bramble's Boatyard - From 'flights of fancy' to scaled plans!

In recent months, whatever free time I can scrape together (which isn't much!) has been spent on continuing to draw plans for  Bramble's Boatyard . As usual, I got carried away... ...but believe it or not, I have finally forced myself to draw some plans... wait for it... to scale ! If you'd like a quick breakdown (TLDR), skip to the last plan - BB12 . That is the plan that I'd like to move forward with. The next blog entry will explain it in more detail, and have a nice '3D' sketch waiting for you, too.   Cheers! Yes, crazy isn't it - from what has been, by this point, years of 'flights of fancy', to actual workable plans! I've always known almost all of my previous plans would be optimistic (that's the trouble with free-hand sketching), but I must admit I was still surprised by how big many of my previous layout plans would need to be in real life. Truth be told, waaaay back in April 2021 (crikey!) I had layed out some old track onto the new

Bramble's Boatyard - The New Forest at War

Bramble's Boatyard - WWII Research