SHOW REPORT: World of Railways Virtual Show 4

Can you believe we're already at the fourth instalment of the World of Railways virtual exhibition (BigWORshow)? Once again, the team, as well as regular and new contributors, have worked very hard to bring us a huge amount and variety of content. Content that is informative, interesting, and in many cases stuff that you just would not find at a 'traditional' exhibition. I'm not going to cover every single bit of content because... well, there aren't enough hours in the day! As an aside, I did produce three videos for the show (as well as being involved in a really fun panel discussion), but for this report I'll focus on the other content on offer. You'll see two of my contributions in future issues of BRM magazine; so keep your eyes peeled next year! Manufacturers Starting on Saturday, two of the early videos were interviews with manufacturers - Bachmann and Heljan. For me, what was great about these were not product announcements and updates (although sig

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SHOW REPORT: World of Railways Virtual Show 3

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