3D Printed Street Furniture

 Things have been quiet on this blog, and whilst I have been sketching new designs for Coastguard Creek  on and off for months, as well as trying a couple of them out in Train Simulator (long story there...), I'm still not quite in a position to give you an update yet on that project... ...but I thought I'd share some bonus photos from just one aspect of the latest commission for BRM that won't make it into the article. And yes, this is one of many aspects that there just wasn't room for - the joys of getting carried away with detailing!  This is also a good point to promote a supplier I had never heard of before - Model Railway Scenes. And no, I am neither being paid for this, nor do I know them; I'm just a happy customer.

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Coastguard Creek - The Inspirational New Forest

Coastguard Creek - Proper 3D Model

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