Sandy Shores - A new layout box

 If you're getting deja vu, well, yes, we've been here before! Indeed, you may well remember that I once designed and built a storage box - but made the critical mistake of using MDF as that is all I could get at the time (it being during lockdown). Never again! That got dismantled after a while, and was later used to make a storage chest for my studio. Anyway, the main problem with protecting the layout is its unique (read: awkward!) shape. Whilst my initial plan was to save a lot of weight and space by making a removable open-sided cover, I felt it would be more sensible to make a complete box - not least because it would be easier to pick the layout up in that form, and it would offer more protection. To make it less cumbersome to transport when compared with the original box, I would make it from two separate boxes - one large enough to fit the layout in, and the second (smaller) one to fit the trolley and lighting rig in. Additionally, I certainly wouldn't make it from

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