Bramble's Boatyard - Baseboard Design - Pt.1

  As many of you know, my modelmaking comes in fits and starts. On personal projects, that usually means 1 or 2 months of modelling a year, and that's it. On BRM projects, it is usually more consistent year-round, however lately I've fallen behind by about 4+ months due to a myriad of reasons; S.A.D being a big part of it, but also struggling with a build that I initially thought would be straight-forward that turned out to be anything but! Instead of moving onto another project and coming back to it, I ended up in a weird non-productive mojo-less limbo; frustrated by the kit in question, whilst also struggling to rein in my expectations and perfectionism. Thank goodness the folk at BRM are so understanding, and that I had plenty of layout photography work to do for them instead! So anyway, why a sudden update now? Well, mostly it's thanks to the lovely Carol Flavin , who, despite having  surgery and other challenging circumstances, has made great progress on her new 009 la

Sandy Shores @ Basingstoke Model Railway Exhibition 2023 (B&NHMRS)