Sandy Shores - A medley of new wagons!

 In amongst transforming the NS2F loco in the last post ( see here  if you missed it), I've also been wanting to add just a little more variety in the rolling stock department. Regular readers will know that Mark Greenwood's amazing 3D printed flat wagons (designed by him originally for me from only 3 reference photos!) form the backbone of the wagon fleet on Sandy Shores . To mix things up, in 2023, I created a variety of removable wagon loads, which have proved perfectly adequate at spicing things up at exhibitions. However, I felt that it was about time that there were some 'new guys in town'(!)... Wagon 1  - The 009 Society 50th Anniversary Van ... first up was an easy choice - as regular readers know, the layout was invited to the 009 Society's 50th Anniversary Special Exhibition all the way up in Tamworth last year, I simply  had  to buy their commemorative wagon there and then. The only time I buy such wagons is when they look plausible, and aren't too ga

Sandy Shores - My first proper attempt at painting/detailing a locomotive!