Saturday, 31 December 2011

Breamore Station - Part II

Breamore Station - Part II

All the component parts cut for the walls (half a days work!)

Use a square to ensure the accuracy of your corners.

The building is progressing further, with 6 walls now up...

A useful tip - use a pair of thin nosed pliers to bend and break off parts where there is only a thin section to avoid twisting and deformation.

All the walls now glued up and ready for part iii...

Friday, 30 December 2011

Breamore Station - Part I

Breamore Station - Part I

So, the construction has been started of the station building at Breamore. There is a fine model built by Bill Jones in existence which I will not be able to better, but as long as it looks something like the prototype I'll be happy! So far I've got the walls shown below plus another on the other side which can just be seen in the background.

Construction should recommence tomorrow, so 'till next time...

Breamore - Waiting Shelter

Now long gone, this is a model of Breamore platform shelter which was situated opposite the main platform building. I had only two useful photos to work from so bits of it may well be incorrect, but I am happy with it for now. I haven't included the circular decorative ring that sits inside the canopy supports, this will come later when I work out how to make it! The roof has not been glued on hence the big gaps - it also needs trimming back a bit. I will post details of this on 'The Old Road' topic later on. 

Here is a photo showing the shelter on the left: http://www.disused-s...ld1_april64.jpg
from http://www.disused-s...ore/index.shtml

By the way, Breamore is pronounced 'Bremmer' not 'Braymore' as most people assume! 
The only thing is, I am a little bit worried that I have made it too big...

Thursday, 29 December 2011

The new trackplan and a plastic heaven!

As promised, the revitalised track plan. (Not to scale).

A substantial amount of plastic sheets and plasticard has arrived!!

A motley collection of drawings

As many of you know, I am quite an avid sketcher at times! Here are just some sketches that I will be doing/have done for the new project 'The Old Road' based on the S&DJR. The bottom sketch will be redrawn with colour to help make everything clearer and legible. None of these drawings are to scale.

The Old Dairy, Breamore
 This sketch shows the old dairy building near to Breamore Station. It used to be home to the Walnut Tree Workshops until fairly recently. The sketches are not accurate because there are very few sources of info without getting permission to look around the site. The bottom two elevations are 20% guesswork, and having just looked, I realise I have missed off a window on the bottom right of the drawing! Oops.
Ringwood Station main building
This is a rough sketch of Ringwood Station (long demolished) with one elevation missing. Again, I cannot find some photos for certain elevations and I may have missed a lot of things. Probably about 20% guesswork on the platform elevation and more so on the forecourt elevation.

Breamore Station main building
A reasonably accurate sketch of Breamore Station. Again, I've just realised I've made a mistake on the bottom left view. It's only when you upload these sketches that you notice these things!

Latest layout plan
And finally, the latest layout plan. It's not very clear but I will be making a computer rendition of it later on to fix this. Importantly, the shed size has gone up to 11' x 9' but ironically it still leaves 'only' 10' x 8' inside dimensions!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Some light reading...

Also in our village, and coincidentally, nearby the cattle grid, is the reading room.
This is a small corrugated iron hut used I believe for the parish council from time to time.
Here are a sequence of photos showing the construction of the model from Slaters products and Wills sheets as well as some plastruct sections.

Just by way of comparison, here is the real thing:
Google Maps - Reading Room

I apologise for the poor quality photos, especially the last one! I'll try and put up a better quality one tomorrow.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Something a little different...

A cattle grid in 4mm/1:76

It was only whilst looking around the village today that I realised there was something I have never seen modelled before: a cattle grid. Now as I will be building some of the buildings in my village anyway, it seemed the perfect excuse to build this commonplace feature of The New Forest.

Incidentally, the cattle grid doesn't always live up to its purpose. Horses in particular can be seen to roll over the grids in order to get across! I have run out of the tubing for the last third of the grid, and thus I haven't started painting or detailing it yet, but I hope you find this interesting!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Old Road - Southern Byway in OO (10' x 8' shed layout)

Well it's been a long time coming but it is finally coming to fruition - a roundy-roundy shed layout based on the old Hampshire byways.

Recently TWMBO gave permission for a new shed to be constructed to house my railway needs - thus they settle on a 10ft x 8ft space where a current shed stands at the bottom of the garden. Typically I immediately saw railway potential for a branch line. And the location just had to be my local line (now long gone) with the nearest station around a mile away and beautifully preserved to this day. Now the scene is set I need a plan. The photo below shows the current plan I've been thinking about:

Vital stats:

Size: 10ft x 8ft
Gauge: OO gauge
Configuration: roundy roundy, perhaps with outside loop
Location: Southern Railway, Hampshire, 'the other S&DJR', The New Forest.