Thursday, 31 May 2012

Summer holiday = loads more progress!

've spent the last few days doing a little bit of research on Google Earth just to try and get a feel and understanding for the line and the topography. Now I know most of it as I live in the area but it is always worth double checking. After a couple days thinking and sketching I've come up with something a bit wacky! As usual, there is no scale so this could be 12ft long or 30ft - but that's not important right now considering it'll be an exhibition layout meaning it won't be a permanent fixture in the (unbuilt) shed. This has allowed me to go a bit crazy and draw a plan that is frankly probably far too big to get away with.

The most challenging thing I found whilst drawing this sketch was how to fit all my favourite components of the area onto one layout, and yet still keep it looking correct and viable. I found getting two stations onto one layout tough to get to look right. This is simply because if you have them too close it will look silly, and so I've gone for a oval shaped layout with the two stations at either side to give maximum distance.

Anyway, I realised this plan is probably quite confusing and far too large, but it's fun to play around.

The problem with the plan (apart from it being so flippin big!) is that I'm not sure how well a layout with all four sides viewable will work in an exhibition environment. Of course, I could just exhibit one half of the layout on its own!

So I've been working on starting the concrete bridge at Bickerly Common this morning. I've started about half of the brick piers - I noticed each has 3 semi-circular arches not 2 as I originally thought. I think I might build the concrete deck shell from plasticard but then cover it in DAS modellling clay to get the texture and thickness. To scale, the bridge would be 139cm long or thereabouts (that's roughly 4.5ft!) so I don't think I'll be doing it quite to scale length. But then again... I am actually quite tempted!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Ringwood Station - Drawing

Just a quick sketch to show what I hope Ringwood Station will look like when finished!

Ringwood - Platform building and general layout

More structure modelling and laying things out!

This morning I wanted to lay out the buildings I had so far just to try and get the general feel of what will become Ringwood Station. So far I think it looks about right, although the signal box will definitely have to move onto the other board on the right to make room for the long platforms. Also the goods sidings will be longer and will also be extended onto the other board (yet to be built).

Below: The platform building I built yesterday somewhat based on the original at Ringwood. As you can see, it is still very much a W.I.P. The ventilator on the roof is where the gents toilets were, and  I think the first window should actually be a door because of this.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Breamore - Prototype photos (pre 2000) + Ringwood drawings

A few bad quality images and a page of drawings!
Here are a 3 bad quality photos I took of Breamore Station pre2000 and pre-restoration. 

Although I will not be weathering the model to such a state of decay, I will be modelling the branch in it's final few days (or weeks?). The fact that Breamore station was still standing (and in fairly good condition after 40 years!) means it is a great success story for transport history in the area.

Also, whilst I am here, I have done a few sketches of the other various buildings I am yet to build for Ringwood station. Details on these buildings is rather sketchy, and I'm reluctant to put craft knife to plasticard.  I'm appealing for anyone to spot mistakes in the drawings to let me know. The sketch bottom right has a high percentage of guesswork! I also have very few details of the goods shed (not drawn) at Ringwood so details of that would be very helpful. As far as I understand, the goods shed at Wareham is of similar style (although shorter?).

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ringwood - Ground frame 'A' and 'B' - Part V

PHEW! That's that done - windows!

Took an age, but I hope you'll agree the results are well worth it. See for yourself!:

I have to admit, these photos are rather cruel close ups and do show every fault glaringly, but I'm just glad the character of the box is finally where I want it. (Really must fill in the void under the roof). Jobs still to do include drain pipes, stove pipe, nameboard and the bargeboards. Oh, and the two doors.)

Monday, 13 February 2012

Ringwood - Ground frame 'A' and 'B' - Part IV

The basic shell of Ground Frame 'A' has been complete - just the interior, windows, roof and door to go.
There is a bit of green paint that needs tidying up, but it's starting to look the part.

Not much else to say really, these photos should sum it up nicely I think.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Ringwood - Ground frame 'A' and 'B' - Part III

And now the last update of the day!
The following photos show the signal box painted into Southern Region green and cream. Still to do is the porch roof, the windows (which will probably lift the look of the box immensely) and also the stove pipe and ridge tiles still. I hope you'll agree that it's character is finally coming to life! I must add though, I have deviated from the design of the prototype to make it narrower as I felt the prototype looked a bit too 'square'!

Ringwood - Ground frame 'A' and 'B' - Part II

Ground Frame B  - continued...

The photos should be pretty self-explanatory, but to sum it up;

- Porch finished (bar windows)
- Steps finished (and handrail)
- Roof done (bar ridge tiles and stove pipe)
- Minor niggles sorted

Ringwood - Ground frame 'A' and 'B'

Progress at last!

Yesterday I set about building a couple signal boxes for Ringwood. Ground frame 'A' and Ground Frame 'B'. Ground Frame 'A being the small box, and Ground Frame 'B' being the larger box. (I assume this was an LSWR No.1 box)? Ground Frame 'B' used to be 'East Box' until 1929 where it had been de-promoted.

I'll try finishing off both boxes today so hopefully there will be an update later on. I did mess up the larger box as I made the gap for the windows 8mm to low initially (quite a big mistake!). I have managed to scrounge enough materials to finish it off though. The porch will also need heightening later. The window frames and porch supports are just small bits of plasticard (not sure what size, sorry!). It is also quite obvious that a lot of the window uprights have set at a slight angle which will need to be rectified if possible. Then comes the satisfying bit - painting!

The white wooden floor of the signal box upper storey is removable to add the window and door in the locking room (is that the right terminology?). I will also leave the roof as removable so I can fit an interior in the future should I want to. The hipped roof will be a tricky thing to get right first time!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

South Charford - The Bridge Part I

The construction of the South Charford bridge has been started so I thought I'd post a few photos. The bottom one is a montage with the panorama I took at the real site. It doesn't quite work due to the angle I took the photo of the model, but it's OK if you don't look at it for too long! Still a load to do on the bridge, so it is in no way, shape or form finished.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ringwood - Footbridge - Part II

So this afternoon I set about painting the footbridge in traditional southern colours. I feel these will need to be toned down slightly. The train shed will receive a similar colour scheme, and I will be spraying the station (if the test piece shows no sign of warping) to get a cement rendering texture/colour.

I also went for a prototype visit (more of that in a blog post shortly...)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Ringwood - The Train Shed - Part II (+ The Footbridge)

Today after having visited the model shop I got cracking with the next part for the train shed. The corrugated iron was cut out and stuck to the roof. The horizontal joins will be covered over - just like the prototype, and then painted and weathered. The brick back wall also needs to be painted and weathered. Also, I will probably need to make some sort of jig for the roof trusses.

I also made headway on the next structure - the footbridge. It is quite an unusual footbridge, and was especially unusual in that it actually had some sort of roof, unlike most of the other stations in the region. I did have a lot of trouble with this roof though, I will probably need to attend to this later! There is still a lot to do on this structure - and it is all very fiddly.

 I hope you agree, it is all starting to come together now!

For photos of the prototype, see the Disused Stations website here:

In particular, this photo:
source: from John Alsop collection from same web address

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ringwood - The Train Shed - Part I

And whilst I am on a roll, here will be the next structure to be built - the train shed. This is a traditional wooden structure (with a brick wall along one side) and the usual canopy type column supports on the other (with some very fancy brackets I might add!).

Here I a marking out the wooden planks for the underside of the roof - all 140 ish of them!

The underside...

...and a start of the roof has been made.

If anyone knows where I can get some fancy brackets I would be grateful!

Ringwood Station - Part III

So today was another modelling day - the work below taking around 5 hours ish. The roof wasn't too complicated - there was just lots of it to do! I also realised I needed to brick up a window after the gable I missed out yesterday encroached into it. I thought that although accidental, it would be an interesting thing to model anyway. The canopy was also added onto the platform side of the building, and skylights also constructed form styrene and corrugated glazing. They need a bit of tidying up though and some battens inside wouldn't go amiss either. I wasn't going to do the skylights, but I'm glad I made the effort to do so as they make a big difference to the overall appearance. I think they'll look great with the sun shining through them onto the platform below too.

On with the photos!