Friday, 19 April 2013

The Old Road Returns!

The Saga Continues...

I'm back! And to prove it, here's some progress:


8 Curved boards have been built using a jig roughly made on a sheet of 4mm ply. The sides are all 4mm ply, with 38mm x 38mm softwood battens for the cross members.

Above: The jig stuck on a sheet of ply. It just goes to show how many sheets we would have needed had we gone with traditional solid top baseboards.

Above: The main scenic boards are layed out on the lawn for a quick test fit - it's quite the monster!

Above: And this brings us right up to date! Track is roughly placed in its approximate positions on the boards. Note I am still to make the fiddle yards boards. You can see the main line tracks left and right which will feed into the fiddle yard.


Above: Probably my favourite building so far is the Bat and Ball, Breamore. I've been known to spent a lot of time in here (but not drinking!). Unfortunately I built this model before I started going there!

Above: This is a long-abandoned petrol station in the local area that I have tried to model. The prototype just shouted out to be modeled  and eventually I will paint and weather it to make it look like it's been abandoned for many years!

Above: The rear elevation of the petrol station. The drawing on the wall next to the small window on the right is where an electrical fuse box will go.

Above: This is a small wooden garage, the prototype of which can been seen in my village.
It is scenes and buildings like these which I hope will help to portray a quiet country life.

General Scene:

This is a birds eye annotated view of what I expect the two Ringwood station boards to look like. You'll notice how I've tried to create a flowing feel throughout the station.

Prototype Photos:

Above: The bridge still remains North of Downton Station. The embankment continues higher than the bridge parapet!

Above: A closer view.

Above: Moving onto Ringwood, this is the Bickerley Bridge. Complete with recently replaced handrails.

Above: The view from the other side and other end of Bickerley Bridge, with Bickerley Common behind us. Just look at the amount of cr*p in the water!

Above: The site of the New Street level crossing at Ringwood station. The station footbridge would have been just to the right of this photo.

The Plan Thus Far: