Sunday, 29 January 2012

South Charford - The Bridge Part I

The construction of the South Charford bridge has been started so I thought I'd post a few photos. The bottom one is a montage with the panorama I took at the real site. It doesn't quite work due to the angle I took the photo of the model, but it's OK if you don't look at it for too long! Still a load to do on the bridge, so it is in no way, shape or form finished.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ringwood - Footbridge - Part II

So this afternoon I set about painting the footbridge in traditional southern colours. I feel these will need to be toned down slightly. The train shed will receive a similar colour scheme, and I will be spraying the station (if the test piece shows no sign of warping) to get a cement rendering texture/colour.

I also went for a prototype visit (more of that in a blog post shortly...)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Ringwood - The Train Shed - Part II (+ The Footbridge)

Today after having visited the model shop I got cracking with the next part for the train shed. The corrugated iron was cut out and stuck to the roof. The horizontal joins will be covered over - just like the prototype, and then painted and weathered. The brick back wall also needs to be painted and weathered. Also, I will probably need to make some sort of jig for the roof trusses.

I also made headway on the next structure - the footbridge. It is quite an unusual footbridge, and was especially unusual in that it actually had some sort of roof, unlike most of the other stations in the region. I did have a lot of trouble with this roof though, I will probably need to attend to this later! There is still a lot to do on this structure - and it is all very fiddly.

 I hope you agree, it is all starting to come together now!

For photos of the prototype, see the Disused Stations website here:

In particular, this photo:
source: from John Alsop collection from same web address

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ringwood - The Train Shed - Part I

And whilst I am on a roll, here will be the next structure to be built - the train shed. This is a traditional wooden structure (with a brick wall along one side) and the usual canopy type column supports on the other (with some very fancy brackets I might add!).

Here I a marking out the wooden planks for the underside of the roof - all 140 ish of them!

The underside...

...and a start of the roof has been made.

If anyone knows where I can get some fancy brackets I would be grateful!

Ringwood Station - Part III

So today was another modelling day - the work below taking around 5 hours ish. The roof wasn't too complicated - there was just lots of it to do! I also realised I needed to brick up a window after the gable I missed out yesterday encroached into it. I thought that although accidental, it would be an interesting thing to model anyway. The canopy was also added onto the platform side of the building, and skylights also constructed form styrene and corrugated glazing. They need a bit of tidying up though and some battens inside wouldn't go amiss either. I wasn't going to do the skylights, but I'm glad I made the effort to do so as they make a big difference to the overall appearance. I think they'll look great with the sun shining through them onto the platform below too.

On with the photos!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ringwood Station - Part II

As is always the case with building structures in this hobby of ours, you always find the perfect reference photo(s) AFTER you think you have finished the shell of the building. Such was the case today. As I found my reference book, I realised I'd missed numerous things:

1) An entire gable end extension on the rear of the building
2) Two windows
3) One door
4) A window that should be a door

So I rectified a few of these, and this is the result thus far:

This photo shows both the porch and the gable end (on the left) that had to be added since discovery of a couple photos. It also shows the window that should be a door (to the left of the porch).

A lower view of the same.

An overall view, including the (very) roughly positioned canopy . (Just look at all those roofs and windows I have to do!!)

Ringwood Station - Part I

Moving on to another main structure for the layout - this is, or rather will be, Ringwood Station. Photos are lacking of two elevations of the prototype and so a lot of guess work has had to be used. Dimensions are almost entirely guesswork, although I did scale up an N gauge model of Holmsley to help get basic proportions right. The following photos show the basic shell construction.

I hope you are following the progress with interest, and feel free to add suggestions and alterations that I should probably make!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Breamore Station - Part V

Although uni life has taken over me yet again as I'm being bombarded with assignments left right an centre, I still wanted to make visible progress on the layout. I decided I would work till about 3pm on the layout today and do some uni work afterwards. Yesterday saw the main construction of the station masters house at Breamore. The roof is not fixed yet so I can do the windows at a later date. I hadn't realised just how much it towers over the station building itself. 

This morning I set about cutting out the platform tops for Breamore and I've got a sheet of ply waiting to be marked out for cutting this board. Before you all shout at me for starting board construction in advance of the shed actually being built I should say that I have decided the layout should be removable and that I should allow fairly big tolerances to get it in and out easier. I think we're looking at board sizes of around 3ft x 4ft.


Well two of the 6 boards have had their top cut out today. The board with Breamore station being one of them.
I find it imperative that you lay out some old track on the floor just to test it all works. Even if it is just laid roughly on carpet such as the below example! Note the wool being used to mark out the board joins (which I later amended slightly).

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Breamore Station - Part IV

I started painting the station and waiting shelter today. There is still a heck of a lot of fettling to do - especially with the station building roof and fascias. I have added window frames but will put windows in another day. Chimneys will also be done next week somewhen.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A quaint country bus stop.

Had a power cut today, so I didn't get much modelling done unfortunately. I did eventually manage to build the basics of the waiting shelter. I think you'll agree - a fine quaint little building!

The components parts laid out ready for adding the corner mitres.

The almost finished product, complete with out-of-place Southdown bus! 
Just painting, ridge tiles and some internal detailing to do. Oh, and a gate to keep the horses and ponies out!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Barn no.1

Barn no.1

Here is the first barn that I will be building for the layout. It is based on one of the two barns adjacent to Breamore Mill. The roof construction is fairly complicated - I really don't like doing roofs as you can tell!

I chose to model it because it is such a characteristic building with lovely features. The one that most stands out are the holes in the walls (much like a pill box). This is a defended barn building.

Tomorrow will see the construction of a lovely quaint village bus shelter and maybe something completely on the other end of the scale - Breamore mill itself!

Mill Bridge - Part I

Mill Bridge - Part I

So the next structure I have decided to make a representation of is Breamore mill bridge. The neighbouring lattice bridge is far beyond my modelling capabilities though!

There is still much to do on the bridge, for example, I need to do the capping stones on the parapet, the inside parapet walls, the brick lining inside the arches, the concrete foundations, the wing walls and of course painting and weathering it!

The following photos should help you to see how I started the build process. Sorry about the orientation of the last photo, I forgot to change it/